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 Amanda Pike's blog...
Hi Everyone,

First of all I just want to say how proud I am to be living in such an amazing country with so many fantastic, loving and giving people. Everyone always asks me how I came up with the idea for Adopt A Pensioner, so I thought I would share this story with you all.

I was shopping at my local supermarket at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast and I saw an elderly man looking at the bread, you could buy 3 loaves for $5.80 or 1 loaf for $2.80.

I said to him that it such a better deal to buy the 3 as I saw him looking at his money in his hand, he turned to me and said " sweet, if I had the extra $3.00 I would buy the 3, but I don’t have enough left out of my pension".

I couldn't believe that this poor man could not spare $3.00 so I bought him the three loaves and I could not believe how grateful he was and how much of a difference it made to him


When I watched Betty's stories on Today Tonight, fighting for all pensioners I instantly felt a connection to her, when the budget came around I was glued to the TV praying for Betty's fight to get more money for all the pensioners.

Then I saw the worst possible thing, Betty's face when they didn’t even mention the pensioners.

I could feel her heart break and that she felt it was all for nothing, I jumped up off the couch and looked at my partner Pieter and said "THATS IT!!! I am adopting Betty, if the

Love Amanda

 Betty Moore's blog...

Big things grow from small beginnings.

As a result of my local phone call to Sydney radio 2UE’s Steve Price Talkback Session (23/1) to reveal the appalling financial plight of the nation’s Aged Pensioners, especially single aged women, of the Pre Baby Boomer Generations; which became headlines in the mass media, I became the catalyst for action across the board.

The Senate tabled its Report – Cost of Living Stresses on Older Australians – on 20/3 – which acknowledged the degrees of hardship of these oldies – some 2millions of the population, but declined to make any recommendations other than further inquiries.

These exposures led me to be the VIP guest at the Steve Price/2UE’s Pensioner Forum, Parramatta, on 8/2/08. This forum revealed the extent of pension poverty on many fronts and circumstances, well below the poverty line of any westernised nation.

A secondary effect was that Steve Price / 2UE made me its delegate to the Australia 2020 Summit- Health category, in Canberra on 19, 20/3/08, followed by an wrap-up interview in its Parliament House studio on 21/3. Thus I was a strong advocate for the aged, rural and remote residents, aged single women circumstances, especially health matters and lack of public transport.

These events and circumstances resulted in contact by David Richardson, reporter for Channel 7’s Today Tonight Program. Consequently I became involved in its shopping expedition interviews at Inverell. Further interviews occurred in the parliamentary office of Tony Windsor MP for New England immediately following the 2008 Budget Speech, on 13/4/08, contents of which ignored the urgent plight of old aged pensioners despite the highest budget surplus in our history. I was appalled by this abandonment of the oldies who had built the foundation of this peaceful successful nation without any government assistance or subsidies in their entire lives. A ‘wrap-up interview followed on the morning after on the Parliament House Forecourt.

This television coverage unleashed the voices of those ‘silent majorities’ in every level of communities in every state.

To her credit, one such young lady was so affected; she made contact with David Richardson / Today Tonight to whom she voiced her idea of “Adopt A Pensioner” Scheme.

In a matter of a few days, Today Tonight took me to Queensland to meet this young lady, Amanda Pike. From there the scheme has literally taken off with the assistance of David Richardson and other worthy citizens and organisations with appropriate skills to implement the processes and produce this website.

I commend it to you, the people of the nation, those with caring hearts and generosity of soul and kindness.

I thank you all most sincerely,

Betty Moore, Co-Patron 11/6/08

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